Scout local group Jaakon Samoojat

We welcome all scouting contacts around the world and here you'll find shortly about us in English. 

Jaakon Samoojat, shortly Jasa, is a scout group of about 80 members and established in 1986. We are active in Renko, Hämeenlinna, and we organize close to nature activities consisting of weekly meetings at our scout house and tenting during selected weekends. Our youngest scouts are seven to nine years old (cubs or sudenpennut in Finnish), the adventurers are 10 to 12 years old (seikkailijat), the trackers 12 to 15 years (tarpojat), the explorers 15 to 17 years (samoajat) and the rovers 18 to 22 years (vaeltajat). Active adults over 22 years old participate in guiding the scouts and we hope that the time we give to the youth helps the grow as balanced persons both mentally and physically and to become active members of their communities.

The group name comes from saint Jaakob, which in Finnish is Jaakko, after whom the church in Renko is named. Local Christian church supports us, though ultimately, our activities are suited to accept, adapt to and foster everyone's own cultural backgrounds and beliefs. 

Our traditions include camping within different teams, but also regularly together as whole group and with other local groups. The biggest national wide camps in Finland, Finnjamborees, have had over ten thousand or even up to sixteen thousand participants. In addition, we arrange a hiking event called Syyspatikka in September and festival buffets at Mother's day and Father's day, all of which are both communal events for our community and way to raise funds to arrange the scouting activities.

Our contacts

Local group leader Katri Temonen
p. 0445949161, katritemonen (at)

Local group vice leader Olli Koskela
p. 0400 406 556, ll.kskl (at)

Our previous projects abroad

Jasa in Iceland 2017 (April 26th to May 3rd, 2017)

We visited scouts in Reykjavík and met local group Landnemar. We also travelled to Ísafjörður and participated Fossavatnsgangan and, on the way back, visited Úlfljótsvatn scout center.

Jasa in Germany 2019 (August 5th to 11th, 2019)

We were invited by IlmRangers, Royal Rangers of Ilmenau, to visit the Regional-Camp with Thuringian Royal Rangers in Brandenburg. Before the camp we spent some time in Berlin.

Glassutflykt (October 6th to 8th, 2023)

Our explorer and rover team 3K went to Stockholm, Sweden, and visited the scout museum and old town.